Design is a collaboration between people. In Ko-op Design Studio, we believe that collaboration will lead to a higher level of creativity and achieve design excellence. We listen to clients’ needs, and provide them with the best solution, to broaden their perspectives and realize possibilities. 

Ko-op Design Studio is founded by Kenneth Tam, a passionate artist and designer with experience in architecture, interior design, fine art and photography. He received his BFA and BArch from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001, and MA in Interior Design from Domus Academy in Milan Italy in 2001. He previously worked in New York as an Architectural Lighting Designer for over four years, and in Hong Kong for different top design firms and prestigious clients including Alan Chan Design Company, Studio 63 Hong Kong, and ST Design. His expertise lies in commercial design, providing functional and aesthetical solution to clients. He has participated in various high profile and award winning projects in different industries, including retail and branding, F&B, hospitality, and furniture. Kenneth founded his own design company, White Cube Design Studio, in 2016 which later changes to the present in 2017.